Rant: NFL + Houston = Screwed Fans

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It sucks to be a football fan in Houston! Not only are we cursed with the Houston Texans, but the NFL is trying to force us to watch them on television!

Football fans across America eagerly anticipated what was being billed as the best football game in years as the New England Patriots take on the Indianapolis Colts, both of whom were undefeated. This game wass Sunday afternoon at 3pm Central and was being aired on CBS across the country, exception in Houston.

It seems that as part of the NFL’s television contracts, local affiliates are required to air the games of their hometown team, regardless of whether anyone really wants to watch them. As a result, the Houston CBS affiliate KHOU aired the Texans/Raiders game instead of the Colts and Pats. Houston residents missed the best game of the year, unless they were lucky enough to be on DirecTV and NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers (Sunday Ticket is only available on DirecTV and the NFL refuses to allow other cable or satetile provides to carry the programming, but that’s another rant for another day).

For those unaware, Houston is largely a city of transplants from other places. In the more than six years I’ve lived here, the number of native Houstonians I’ve met probably doesn’t exceed a dozen. Very few people here have any real attachment to this city or its football team. These folks are just not going to watch football if the NFL tries to force a game between two of the worst teams in pro football upon us.

Thanks NFL for screwing the fans of Houston! Not that you really care anyway!


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