Rant: Bank Customer Service Hell

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This was not a good day for my nerves in maintaining my various financial accounts. Today I have had to waste nearly an hour on the phone to fix errors by my banks. Here’s a rundown of the stupidity:

Chase – I opened a new Chase personal credit card account in October and did a balance transfer to my Capital One account, where the promotional rate was about to expire. After a couple of weeks, the account was no longer available for viewing on my Chase Online page and over a month past the opening date I had yet to receive a statement. I called to find out that a fraud alert had been placed on my account (although no one from Chase ever called to tell me that) and I had to basically re-answer all of the questions from my application to verify that it is indeed a legitimate account. Thankfully everything is fixed now, but it is still a royal PITA. Time wasted: 22 minutes.

Capital One – Despite calling twice to verify that no finance charge would be assessed on my promotional balance if I paid it off before November 1, on my latest statement the clowns at Capital One proceeded to charge be a finance charge on the balance I paid off on October 23. I called up customer service and waited on hold for a while for the first line rep, who immediately declared he could do nothing for me and I would need to talk to an account manager. After waiting on hold for the account manager for a while longer, she comes on the line and I repeat my story and she looks at the account and agrees that an adjustment is needed almost immediately. Time wasted: 25 minutes.

HSBC – Reviewing all of my accounts in Yodlee, I noted that my HSBC Checking which I closed last month had been charged a service fee of $12 for falling below the minimum balance requirement. I call up HSBC and after navigating their Labyrinth of a phone tree menu I finally talk to a person and explain the situation twice. She reviews the account and noted the account had been requested closed last month and manually closed the account and submitted the credit to reverse the finance charge. Time wasted: 9 minutes.

In total I spent 54 minutes on the phone correcting errors made by my banks. This isn’t including the time I spent to pull up my notes on the accounts. I also didn’t even do anything with a bank by mail deposit that isn’t showing up on my Presidential Checking account, although at this point I can’t be sure if it is an error by the bank or the postal service lost the deposit in transit.


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Unimpressed with Drugstore.com

Close Encounters of the Cheap Kind has a new home at www.CheapEncounters.com!

Always searching for a bargain, I recently took advantage of a promotion on Drugstore.com where you got $10 off a $25 purchase when you paid using PayPal. Being parents of twins we are always in need of diapers, so I decided to take the opportunity to get some diapers on the cheap and test out their service.

At this point my verdict is at “not impressed”, although it may soon move to the “very disappointed”. I placed an order for two packs of Huggies Size 1 diapers and a pack of outlet covers (I needed some filler) last Tuesday night (11/6). A week later I finally receive a confirmation that the outlet covers had shipped. However, as of tonight (Thursday 11/15), the two packs of diapers still had not shipped.

I might could understand if I had ordered something out of the ordinary, but diapers are a basic item at drugstores everywhere. How could it possibly take over a week to process an order for two packs of Huggies? At this rate, the twins will have outgrown the diapers by the time I get them.

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