Free Disposable Phone Numbers – Protect Your Real Number

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Have you ever signed up for a mailing list, entered a contest, or done a trial offer where you were asked for your phone number? We all have, and by giving out our real number we leave ourselves open to getting annoying telemarketing calls at all hours that not even enrollment in the “Do Not Call” list can help you with (Companies with which you have a prior business relationship, which could include things like this, can still call you even if you’re on the DNC list). Thankfully there are services online that allow you to create a disposable phone number for just such occasions.

The best one I’ve found is PrivatePhone by Netzero. It is completely free and allows you to create a local number (most other services require you to use a number wherever the provider is based).


March 23, 2007 Posted by | GPT, Telemarketers | 5 Comments