Unimpressed with Drugstore.com

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Always searching for a bargain, I recently took advantage of a promotion on Drugstore.com where you got $10 off a $25 purchase when you paid using PayPal. Being parents of twins we are always in need of diapers, so I decided to take the opportunity to get some diapers on the cheap and test out their service.

At this point my verdict is at “not impressed”, although it may soon move to the “very disappointed”. I placed an order for two packs of Huggies Size 1 diapers and a pack of outlet covers (I needed some filler) last Tuesday night (11/6). A week later I finally receive a confirmation that the outlet covers had shipped. However, as of tonight (Thursday 11/15), the two packs of diapers still had not shipped.

I might could understand if I had ordered something out of the ordinary, but diapers are a basic item at drugstores everywhere. How could it possibly take over a week to process an order for two packs of Huggies? At this rate, the twins will have outgrown the diapers by the time I get them.


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