Off-topic: LSU loses to Kentucky

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This was a very sad weekend for me. As I have mentioned before, I am originally from Louisiana and also a graduate of LSU. I’ve been a Tiger fan for years, and in the good years and the bad there has always been one certainty – LSU will always beat Kentucky in football. Even during the darkness of the Mike Archer and Curly Hallman years, Kentucky was almost always an automatic win for us. So who would have thought that an LSU team ranked number 1 in the country would lose to a Kentucky Wildcat team, regardless of what their ranking happens to be this year? This is the same team we beat last year 49-0, after all!

Well, those of you who follow college football know what happened Saturday. LSU lost to Kentucky in 3OT, dropping the Tigers out of the number 1 spot. While I am sad about the loss, I have to admit that Kentucky played one heck of a ballgame and totally deserved to win. There may be some debate as to talent levels between the two teams, but Kentucky definitely wanted it more and played harder, and the final score reflects that. I had my doubts about our ability to go through the entire SEC schedule undefeated, but I was shocked it was Kentucky that ended up being the bump in the road.

The way this season is going, we might not be out of it, but this certainly doesn’t help the cause. But I do look at the top teams in the polls being Ohio State, South Florida and Boston College and can’t help but think it is completely absurd. With the possible exception of South Florida playing Auburn, none of these teams have played anyone worthwhile. How are any of them worthy of a top five ranking, even if they are undefeated? Put any of these teams against a one or two loss team from the SEC and I’ll guarantee you the SEC team would win 9 of 10.

There was a great column on Yahoo sports this morning about this, which you can read here. Perhaps the columnist is right that all we need is a national championship game with South Florida or Boston College to have fans across the country screaming for a playoff in college football. I’m sorry, but it takes more than just putting together a cupcake schedule for me to consider you worthy of playing for the national championship. I can guarantee you this would be the lowest rated championship game ever televised, and ratings equals money, which is what controls the whole scheme anyway.


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  1. Although this is no replacement for a victory, it is a small consolation for Tiger fans.

    Comment by Bro In Law | October 18, 2007

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