11 Tricks stores use to fool consumers

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Here is a really good post over at SavingAdvice.com. They detail 11 tricks that stores will use to trick shoppers into thinking they are getting better deals than they really are. All of these are really good things to look out for.

  1. Putting the amount off in bold to hide the actual (crappy) price.
  2. “Sale” items that really aren’t.
  3. Handpicking comparisons to other stores.
  4. Buy one get one free, but you pay twice the price.
  5. “Specials” that aren’t due to price.
  6. Charging more per unit for buying in bulk.
  7. Using different units for comparison on similar items.
  8. Charging more for the store brand.
  9. Promoting lower prices when the package size is reduced.
  10. Using fine print to limit specials.
  11. The low-price guarantee that isn’t.

All of this is explained at SavingAdvice.com. Definitely a good read for anyone who wants to be a savvy shopper.


October 8, 2007 - Posted by | Basics

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