Scammer Saga Continues! FreeNEzy.com Requests My Info Through eBay!

4/22/08 Update:  The FreeNEzy.com website written about in this post appears to have been sold and under new management, as documented on this recent post. While this change in ownership does not change any of the events that have occurred previously with this site (and my friend never got his reward), there is currently no evidence we are aware of that the new owner has continued any of the fraudulent practices previously associated with the site. As always, use caution when dealing with this or any other site.

How about this for the story that will never die? I posted previously about unsatisfactory user experiences of customers of FreeNEzy.com, run by Vikram Jhaveri. If you recall, many users over on SlickDeals reported that they never received their awards they earned for completing various offers through the site. One of those users is a good friend of mine, so I have taken quite an interest in this story.

My posts even solicited a response from Mr. Jhaveri himself where he gave his sad story and tried to explain why some users are still waiting for their awards. I hadn’t heard from him in a while, so I was shocked when I got the following note through eBay’s messaging system from ejawab, which has been determined by the amateur sleuths at SlickDeals to be his eBay user ID:

I would like to offer you $10 via Paypal if you can tell me the identity of this member. He scammed me and i want to sue him. All you need to do is click on help on ebay.com and search for seller contact. Any help appreciated.

Apparently he hadn’t figured out that I would not give out my own info for $10, but probably this was intended for users I have completed a transaction with. This is kind of scary that this guy is willing to violate eBay terms of service to somehow find me, but it is an obvious attempt to try and intimidate me. Take note of this if you are still considering using this guy’s site.

Everyone will be happy to know I have already contacted eBay about this inappropriate behavior and his account will likely be suspended in short order. I’ll also be giving my attorney on retainer a call in the morning to see what legal recourse I have against this guy, as well as any user that would be stupid enough to release my personal information. Thankfully I will get a notice when anyone requests my information through eBay, so they won’t be hard to find.


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