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4/22/08 Update:  The FreeNEzy.com website written about in this post appears to have been sold and under new management, as documented on this recent post. While this change in ownership does not change any of the events that have occurred previously with this site (and my friend never got his reward), there is currently no evidence we are aware of that the new owner has continued any of the fraudulent practices previously associated with the site. As always, use caution when dealing with this or any other site.

I’m not quite the king of all media just yet, but I do take pride in the great influence my humble blog has. I posted months ago about the Reservation Rewards scam, and sometime later had a representative of the site come here to defend themselves.

Well, it has happened again, this time with the FreeNEzy.com scam run by Vikram Jhaveri. I posted some time ago about this piece of work who went onto the forums at SlickDeals posing as a regular user to promote his site. In response hundreds of SlickDeals users signed up for his site and completed offers to accumulate points to redeem for awards that in many cases never came. Smart users on SlickDeals eventually figured out that the SlickDeals post was self-promotion and had the post removed. Users who hadn’t received their awards then received excuses and lies, some had their accounts mysteriously deleted, and some were even accused of fraud themselves (how ironic!). To help protect others from being victims of this scam, I posted about it on this blog.

Well, last week the scammer himself found my blog and posted the following in the comments:


I do not know who you are, but i am assuming you are a disgrunted member. This website was pointed out to me. If you let me correct the problem, I am sure we can work something out. Do let me know.
We are not a scam site. All our members were paid. Members that had to wait too long were even given bonus $25 Amazon Gift Certificates.

Let me explain what happened. Slickdeals.net admin found that i was the owner for the site i was promoting as a member. So they deleted the post.

This caused panic and members started redeeming products like crazy. Imagine 500 Members x $200 Products = $100000 in Products Redeemed. Our credit cards were maxed and we had to wait till the month end to get paid to pay the bills to send more orders in.

So orders that we usually send in 3 days took 3 weeks. But every one did get paid whatever they were supposed too.

In addition we did have database errors. Some account were deleted automatically. But when the error was found, within a month we moved to a dedicated server and eliminated that error forever.

I am not sure under which category you are. But if you let me, i am sure we can fix your problem if we havent already.

Vikram Jhaveri

To which I responded:

Vikram –

Actually I am not a disgruntled member. Thankfully I never signed up for your site, so you didn’t get the opportunity to screw me. However, I have followed the thread detailing your scams on Slickdeals and I know well one of your users that never received anything but a series of lies to constant inquiries and requests for the item he EARNED. Logic dictates that if in my small circle of friends there is a user that you still haven’t made whole, there are most certainly others out there in the same situation as my friend.

I would ask why you didn’t just give your users the same story you have given here if it was the truth? That would have been preferable to lying to your customers and even accusing some of fraud themselves as has been reported in the Slickdeals thread. I would also ask what became of the accounts that were “automatically” deleted? Did you ever restore all of these accounts, or were they a victim of your mysterious “database errors”?

I tell you what – if you make my friend whole, I will report such on this blog. My readers will be able to see that a disgruntled user has finally been made whole after all hope was lost. I will not tell you who my friend is, except that you should know who exactly you screwed over before as most of them likely emailed you in futile attempts to get their awards. Make all of those people whole, and you will get my friend in that process and I will post that he has been made whole. If disgruntled members are as rare as you indicate, that should be a pretty simple process. I will be sure to check in with my friend over the next several weeks to determine if he ever got his award, as well as the $25 Amazon gift certificate since supposedly everyone else got as an apology for the delays.

Finally, he responded to my post without addressing the issue of my friend who is STILL waiting on his item with the following sob story:

Well we did have actual problems.

1. One of our affiliate sites did accuse us of fraud. It was MaxBounty.com our account was suspended immediately. Thus we suspended accounts of members that had multiple freeNezy accounts to look into. Even today MaxBounty did not pay us and we do not do business with them.

2. We did have database erros. Some accounts instead of being suspended were being deleted. We posted that message on our site and moved to a dedicated server within a month.

3. All deleted and suspended accouts have been restored. All rewards have been Delivered. Most members contacted our live chat and received their product with a few days once we were up and running with 100% efficiency.

As for mistakes. WE all make mistakes. Atleast we admit that we did do something wrong. And are now correcting it. We are also taking measures to prevent that from ever happening again. Also slickdeals would not let us create an account to explain what went wrong. They somehow blocked our computer, not just the ip address.

Hope this helps. We are trying to correct the wrong we have done. Everyone deserves a second chance.

With that, let me make my last comments on this for now. As far as I am concerned, this is just the latest in the string of excuses and lies from this guy. Again, I know for a certainty that my friend rightfully earned the award he requested, that his account was deleted (likely in an attempt to eliminate the record of his having earned his reward), that his inquiries and requests for his earned award were met with lies and excuses, and that he was wrongfully accused of fraud himself in a last ditch attempt to get my friend off Mr. Jhaveri’s case. The assertion that all awards have been delivered is an outright lie AND MR. JHAVERI KNOWS IT!

As I said before, if my friend does finally receive his award and the $25 Amazon gift certificate that was supposedly given everyone else who experienced delays in receiving their items, I will post on this blog that he did finally receive his item. I do believe in second chances, however those second chances must be earned through actions, not words alone. My desire is that all of the victims are made whole, not just my friend, so I will not share his personal details to force Mr. Jhaveri to make good on your commitments to all of his users.

For anyone else that was a victim of this scam, I would encourage you to post your experiences here to add to the dialogue. I will also post tomorrow some good information on dealing with these types of scams that was provided to my friend when he submitted a complaint to the California Department of Consumer Affairs.


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  1. I was scammed by this guy! I was one of the ones who found out about his site through his post on slickdeals where he lied about being just a member of freeneezy.com when in fact he was the owner trying to promote his scam. I was one of the ones whose account he deleted erasing all of my points. He then refused to reinstate them claiming I forged the confirmation emails. He even hijacked my password so I couldn’t log in to my account. He is an unclever liar and his website is a waste of time!

    Comment by Disgruntled Member | September 17, 2007

  2. SCAMMED: Sounds like what happened to me. I redeemed for a prize and my account was deleted.

    Comment by Jhax | November 8, 2007

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