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I posted last week on How to Complain and Win. Well, here is another weapon in your complaining arsenal when conventional complaining just won’t do. If your adversary is a publicly traded company, you can post your complaint to the various company stock message boards on sites like MSN Money, Marketwatch, and Yahoo Finance. Most companies have at least one person who is assigned to monitoring those message boards, so a serious complaint will be likely be noticed and dealt with. Some of the guidelines provided on this posting at the Consumerist are:

1. State you are a longtime customer.

2. Indicate you and others will be taking your business elsewhere.

3. Include a contact email and phone number to show that you are legit and not just trying to move the stock price.

Unfortunately Buy.com is not publicly traded, so all of us will have to keep fighting them using other methods.


September 7, 2007 - Posted by | Customer Service

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