Off-Topic: A Ballpark Proposal Gone Terribly Wrong

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I headed out to the ballgame last night with my brother-in-law and his wife, along with the other brother-in-law. The game itself was awful with the Astros losing to the Nationals 7-0. It was one of those nights where nothing could go right for the home crowd.

The bad luck even extended to the stands. Minute Maid Park, like many other ballparks, does a “Kiss Cam” at some point during the game during the inning breaks. The Kiss Cam pans the crowd and focuses in on couples, who are then supposed to kiss with 30,000 plus fans cheering them on.

At last night’s game, the final couple shown on screen kissed and then the guy got down on one knee and proposed, with the “will you marry me” message on the scoreboard and wedding march music blaring. To everyone’s surprise, the woman had an absolutely horrified look on her face and got mad at the guy, dumping a bag of popcorn on his head and then storming off. The whole crowd of 30,000 people sat in stunned awkward silence at what they had just witnessed. The poor guy just sat there for the next half-inning before walking out to a loud cheer from the crowd.

Probably the oddest thing I have ever seen at a ballgame. The evening went so bad for the home team not even the cheesy marriage proposal went right!


August 21, 2007 - Posted by | Humor, Off Topic

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