Rant: Don’t stand on a corner – GET A JOB!

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OK, I just had to vent on this. I went out this afternoon to run some errands and as I was driving around there was someone begging for money at every friggin’ intersection with a traffic light! I am not kidding, every single one! Some of them were quite persistent too, not leaving you alone until you made it absolutely clear by looking away, cranking up the radio, or mouthing the words “hell no” that you weren’t going to give them any money. It’s not even like I was driving a fancy car (2001 Honda Civic) or driving around downtown where a lot of these people congregate.

As many soup kitchens and charitable organizations as there are in Houston (like Goodwill, where I was bringing a donation to when I encountered the most annoying of these pests), there is no reason for these people to be harassing motorists at busy intersections. Go to one of these fine organizations for help, or better yet GET A JOB! Why the heck should I help you if you aren’t willing to do anything to help yourself?


August 3, 2007 - Posted by | Off Topic

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