The Cost of Leaving Computers on Overnight

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There is an interesting article linked today on Kiplinger’s entitled “Wasting Money While We Sleep”. The article discusses the costs to businesses of workers leaving their computers on overnight after they go home. Lots of us do it and don’t think anything of it. The article says that about 49% of us confess that we “never”, “rarely”, or only “sometimes” shut down. I do it too, both at the office and at home, mostly because I don’t like to wait for the machines to boot back up when I need to use them. My work computer is a crappy HP, so I feel justified in that.

Anyway, the actual cost of leaving the typical PC on all night: $55.13 per year assuming an electric rate of 8.68cents per kilowatt hour. Of course rates that low are a pipe dream here in Texas. Assuming a cost of 13cents per kW hour, that cost spikes to $82.57 per year for my PC that is never shut down at home.

At the 8.68cents rate, the cost to a business with 10,000 PCs total is about $165,000 per year if 60% of PCs are left on. For the entire country, the cost to business is estimated at $1.72 billion.


July 24, 2007 - Posted by | Tips

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