I WAS ROBBED! (literally)

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Another wrinkle in my home saga – some bastard broke into my friggin’ house! Broad daylight just before noon on July 4th somebody apparently pulled a vehicle up the driveway, kicked in the backdoor, and grabbed whatever they could. They took all the electronics from my entertainment center except the old Super Nintendo and the detachable speakers for the LCD TV (which means that whoever has my TV can’t hear the programming), as well as my brother-in-law’s custom made guitar that was a souvenir from a two-year church mission in The Philippines. The alarm seems to have scared them off before they stole too much.

Kudos to Houston PD for a response time of just under 45 minutes (no, that’s not a typo) from the time my alarm company called in the alarm. To give you an idea, I had time to call my brother-in-law (not the one who lost a guitar, another one) who lives about 20 minutes away, have him drive to my house to meet the police, have him go around the house to see the back door had been kicked in, have him call me with a report and then call Houston PD dispatch to inquire about the location of the responding officer, and then wait another 20 minutes outside for the police to finally show up. Glad they thought it was worth showing up after we called in and confirmed that, yes Virginia, there had indeed been a break-in! If my brother-in-law hadn’t called back and confirmed the break in they probably would have had time to go out and rent a U-Haul to come get all the furniture they left the first time. Our tax dollars at work, folks!

Now the question is what next? Upgrade the security system? Get a dog? Buy a gun? All of the above? Do we bother replacing the stuff that was stolen?

I guess a lesson you can take from this is don’t get too wrapped up in material things. Not only could they detract from other aspects of your life or prevent you from saving for some worthy goal, but you may eventually be left with nothing of them except their detachable speakers.


July 5, 2007 - Posted by | Crime, Home Ownership

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  1. I had my house robbed on July 31, 2007. My neighbors watched the freaking guy search out a place to break in and then walk out the front door with my stuff. Didn’t call the police because they thought he was my “friend.”

    It was all I could do to no scream “I do not encourage my friend to come into my house through a window and help themselves to my computer, jewelry, cash, checks and to take my big silver piggy bank for a ride on their bicycle!!!!!”

    I’m feeling your pain, I hope you get your stuff back. Homeowner’s insurance is an interesting little process too!

    Comment by Shannon | August 22, 2007

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