Move over HSBC – Here comes FNBO Direct at 6.0% APY!

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Happy day! Just when I thought the days of 6.0% APY were over, here comes FNBO Direct with their own 6.0% APY promo rate, valid until 9/28/2007. The account has no minimums and no fees, and the application process was relatively painless. The application took about 10 minutes to complete and the only issues were that they required date of issuance for the drivers license (Texas licenses do not have date of issuance printed, only date of expiration) and they couldn’t link my account at Presidential Bank using my online credentials (although the last account I opened online couldn’t either, so it is probably an issue with Presidential). I just estimated the date of issuance and the application went through fine.

In case you are curious, that loud sucking sound you heard today was the sound of millions of dollars being pulled out of HSBC after they ended their 6.0% APY promo yesterday. Sorry HSBC, but if you want to be competitive and keep our money you have to do better than 5.05%!

Special thanks to our friends at Bank Deals for posting about this deal.


May 2, 2007 - Posted by | Savings

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