Coupon fun for your CVS adventures

Close Encounters of the Cheap Kind has a new home at www.CheapEncounters.com!

A couple of new CVS coupons have been posted over at SlickDeals I thought I would share. There is now a $5 off of $30 purchase and a $10 off of $50 purchase.

Some have reported being able to stack both of these coupons along with the $4 off $20 coupon on the same order, effectively creating a $19 discount on a $50 purchase. Unfortunately I tried last night without success, but if you can pull it off more power to you!

Another helpful hint courtesy of Bax on SD: use the System Restore functionality in Windows to get around limits on printing coupons off of websites. System restore allows you to revert your computer back to an earlier point in time. The thought is that if your computer becomes infected with a virus, you uninstall something you shouldn’t have, or you otherwise start having operating issues, you can go back to the settings you had before you started having problems. However, in this instance you create a restore point before installing the web applet that generates the coupon, print your allotted number, and then through System Restore go back to the restore point you just created and the computer will behave as if you never installed the applet or printed the coupons. Lather, rinse, repeat! Read Bax’s instructions on SD here. Works great for the Mentadent and Nestle coupon links I posted previously!


April 27, 2007 - Posted by | CVS, Deals

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