More Free Stuff at CVS

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A quick update to my previous post about the free stuff at CVS. This week has brought two new offers as well as new life on another I have decided to take advantage of:

  • Excedrin Back and Body 24ct $3.00 get $3.00 ECBs (limit 1)
  • Aleve Liqui-gels 20ct $4.00 get $4.00 ECBs (limit 1)
  • Oral-B Pulsar Pro-Health Toothbrush $4.99 get $4.99 ECBs (limit 5)

The last one is one of the monthly deals I maxed out last week, however because they changed the price this week they are treating it as a different offer.

After my post last week my brother-in-law decided he wanted free CVS stuff too but didn’t want to do it himself, so we struck a deal that I could use his card to take advantage of all of the offers. He gets the stuff, and I get the excess ECBs the deals generate (yeah, I know I could just get another card myself and keep the stuff and ECBs, but he’s family).

So off of three accounts, here are the cumulative totals of my CVS deals:

  • Retail price of stuff: $556.54
  • Total ECBs held (not yet spent): $163.76
  • Total out of pocket cost: $65.84
  • Net profit of transactions (not including value of stuff): $97.92

April 10, 2007 - Posted by | CVS, Deals

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  1. I would like to thank you for allowing me to benefit from your hard work at CVS… and all of the free stuff.
    -Brother in Law

    Comment by Brother in Law | April 13, 2007

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